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In 2007 Cynthia Gregg, Deputy Chief of Mission to the U.S. Embassy in Brazzaville, joined Nothing But Nets at a reception and hand-over of nets donated by Nothing But Nets to the local prefet and village councils where the nets would be delivered.   During her presentation, in her remarks Cynthia noted that although the campaign was launched by the government of Congo with the assistance of UNICEF, the nets were donated by money straight from the pockets of American people: not a company or the government.  Following her remarks she had the opportunity to speak with three village chiefs:

"Three village chiefs, representing villages that were to receive the nets in the Pointe Noire area, came up to me after the ceremony to personally thank me for the donation. They were surprised with my comment that the nets were paid for by private individuals making donations to Nothing But Nets from their own wallets. These three chiefs explained to me that the health of the children living in their villages has always been their prime concern, and thanked me on behalf of their children."

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