What a Net Can Do

What a Net Can Do to Prevent Malaria

Pamela's two children and husband are her world. Her family lives in Marangu, Tanzania, at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

For years, Pamela feared that malaria might take her life—or her son’s. 

She had every right to worry: malaria, spread by a single mosquito bite, kills more than 1,400 children every day. She rushed her son Elihuruma, 6, to the hospital many times when he was weak from fevers caused by malaria.

When she was pregnant with Mary, a health worker gave her an insecticide-treated bed net like those provided by Nothing But Nets supporters. The volunteer patiently showed Pamela how to tuck the net under the mattress. She learned these simple nets could protect her family from deadly malaria.  

Now Pamela, her husband, and children sleep beneath nets. None of them gets sick any more. 18-month-old Mary happily toddles around. Elihuruma sings in the children's choir and doesn't miss a day of school.

And Pamela is strong enough to tend her chickens and goats. A simple net changed this family's future.

Photo: Stuart Ramson/Insider Images for the UN Foundation


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