Nets Offer Families Hope

Malaria is one of the leading causes of death amongst children in Sierra Leone.

Aminata Sankoh, a 22 year old mother from the town of Tombo knows this all too well. “I would have been  a mother of two children by now had it not been for malaria which claimed my first child nearly 3 years ago,”  she sobbed.

“Ay! Ay!” She folded her hands and continued “Oh! Mohamed, he got ill when he was 8 months old. My husband and I were confused, out of ignorance our first thought was to take our son to one of our village traditional healer who told us that our son’s illness could be cured by traditional means” She reflected and weeps again “The healer tried but my son's condition was still deteriorating. I later took my son to the hospital where the nurse examined him and told me that he was suffering from severe anaemia due to malaria.  I watched helplessly as my son gave up the ghost.” 

Aminata wipes the tear from her eyes, "All is not lost.” She looked at her surviving son who has a gentle smile, "My son is a survivor of malaria and I am proud to make this living testimony. The mosquito bed net you provided for us has prevented him from being bitten by mosquitoes and we have never experienced malaria since we started sleeping under it.”  

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