Nets Help Families across Gabon

On the Banio Lagoon in the far southwestern corner of Gabon, Dr. Roland Lama, and a handful of nurses from the Mayumba Medical Center led the integrated health campaign to vaccinate and give bed nets to all of the kids under five in villages and fishing camps dotted along the banks of the lagoon from Mayumba to Malembe.

Riding through town, they called to the families to come out to get their free vaccinations and bed nets: "Come get your mosquito nets!  They're free!  Come get your Christmas presents!"

The integrated health campaign was designed to protect children under five from measles, malaria, parasites and to strengthen them to resist illness. 

One grateful mother who brought her children to see the medical team affirmed their work: "You must make [your children] sleep under a mosquito net.  That's very important." 

The two teams dispersed across the region with the goal to reach between 95 - 98% of the children in the region with life-saving health interventions, including insecticide-treated bed nets.  

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