In 2008, Adrianna Logalbo (former Director of Nothing But Nets) shared her experience in Ivory Coast:

"The small village of Mondoukou is roughly 10-15km outside of Grand Bassam, a bustling town that was actually at one point the colonial capital of Ivory Coast. ...A town of about 1,000 people, it sits right on the ocean. Fisherman pull in the catch each day, sandy farms sprout cassava and banana trees, and small boys climb up huge palm trees to pluck coconuts. It looks like paradise.

But malaria plagues this area. I met two mothers outside their home as they were preparing dinner. Their sons are one and three-years-old respectively and both have had malaria many times already in their short lives. And what do they do when their children get malaria, I asked? The women must find a way to get to the hospital in Grand Bassam, where they pay 10,000 CFA (roughly $20) just to get their children’s blood drawn to diagnose the disease. It is a far way to travel and a significant amount of money to spend several times each year…for each child.

The campaign came to Mondoukou as part of the “advanced strategy” in which the vaccines, medicines and bed nets are brought to more remote communities. Bringing it to the people where they are. From the early morning until the afternoon, these advanced sites were busy with a constant stream of mothers and fathers bringing their children to be vaccinated and receive a bed net.

As I left Mondoukou in the evening, they had already distributed more than 400 bed nets. In fact, each and every child we saw had a blue mark on their pinky, indicating that they had received a vaccination and a bed net.

But the community health workers in Mondoukou planned to stay for several hours longer. People from a small, small village over 8km away had heard about the campaign and had brought their children (by foot) to Mondoukou. The community health workers wanted to be sure that everyone in the area had an opportunity to keep their children safe and healthy. We thanked them for that."

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