Miriam fled fighting along the border of Sudan and South Sudan with the love of her life, her 1-year-old son Israel. Now she and Israel are living in the overcrowded Kakuma refugee camp in northwest Kenya. Kakuma means "nowhere" in Swahili.

Miriam and Israel stay in a makeshift community shelter while they wait for a home of their own, leaving them vulnerable to deadly mosquito bites. Miriam worries about Israel. Malaria is the leading killer of children under five in South Sudan. She cannot bear to think of her son suffering from this disease.

This is why she is so grateful for a bright blue, insecticide-treated bed net provided by Nothing But Nets supporters.

Miriam does not have possessions to give Israel, but she has big plans for their future. She wants to continue her education and keep her son healthy and safe. A bed net can help make Miriam’s dreams for her family real.

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