Keeping the Children Healthy and Singing in Angola

Bed nets keep children in Angola healthy by preventing malaria

Tragically, malaria can kill a child before anyone knows he or she was infected. That's what happened to an 8-year-old in the children's choir of The Rev. Domingos Kafuanda congregation in Luanda, Angola.

"She was happy, singing, and playing on Sunday," he says. "We got word she died the next day of malaria." 

Marinela Manuel, a community health worker in Bom Jesus, Angola, knew that with insecticide-treated bed nets and outreach, families in Bom Jesus could sleep safe from deadly malaria.

Only a few nets were available in Bom Jesus for pregnant women and young children, but Marinela persisted. Last year, hundreds of life-saving bed nets provided by Nothing But Nets supporters arrived in Bom Jesus—enough for the entire community.

"The families were so delighted when I delivered the bed nets to them," she says.  "When I made my most recent round of visits no one had symptoms of malaria or fever. No one."

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