The Joy of Nets

The joy of bed nets is that they save children's lives.

The "malaria season" in Zimbabwe lasts from October to June, same as the rainy season. This is when malaria becomes the leading killer of children in 47 of 61 districts.

Dr. Colleta Kibassa, on the front lines of Zimbabwe’s fight against malaria, says, “When you have an enemy you use any means necessary. There is such a need to get insecticide-treated nets to more families."

So when nets provided by Nothing But Nets supporters arrived to Chitora, Zimbabwe, mothers celebrated. They sung, danced, and clapped with joy, waving their nets high.

Each long-lasting bed net distributed means another child spared from malaria. Mothers can now tuck their children beneath blue nets to sleep soundly, safe from the bites of malaria-carrying mosquitoes.

A simple bed net can bring joy across Zimbabwe—and across Africa. 

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