A Healthy Baby Is a Mother's Joy

A a bed net can keep a baby healthy and malaria free

The world over, nothing gives a mother more joy than when her baby breaks into a big smile.  Moms work day and night to keep their little ones happy and healthy so they can get those smiles.

Yet, despite their best efforts too many babies and young children across Tanzania die each year from malaria.  In fact a child dies every sixty seconds from this deadly disease.

But all a mom needs to fully protect her baby is a simple insecticide-treated bed net.  A child who sleeps under a bed net from birth onward could grow up never knowing the pain and suffering that malaria brings.

This is why everyone in a community smiles big on the day when life-saving bed nets, provided by Nothing But Nets supporters, arrive.

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Photo: Stuart Ramson/Insider Images for the UN Foundation

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