Even Young Children Know How Important Nets Are

Larissa smiles because she knows she and her brother will be safe at night

You could not hope for a better big sister than Larissa Andriatsiferanarivo from Betafo, Madagascar.  She walked 5km, over 3 miles, carrying her little brother on her back when she heard that bed nets were going to be distributed in a neighboring town.

Larissa, like so many children across Madagascar, knows what it is like to suffer from malaria.  She knows the terrible headache and high fever this terrible disease brings.  She has seen the worry in her mother's eyes when someone gets sick because so many people die from malaria each year, especially young children.

But Larissa also knows how to prevent this deadly disease.  All it takes is a simple, insecticide-treated bed net. 

This is why she is happy to walk many miles if it means her and her brother will no longer have to worry about malaria as they safely fall asleep under their bed net each night.

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Photo: (c) M. Hallahan/Sumitomo Chemical-Olyset Net


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