Cecilia's Story

Cecilia is a mother of seven from Youboro, Liberia. 

“I had malaria many times and, even during my 
pregnancy, malaria caught me three times,” 
she explains.

Two years ago, Cecilia lost her brother to malaria. “He was sick with fever for a long time and then he started to vomit a lot. We were too far from the hospital, it was too late.  My brother was only 35,” Cecilia says. 

 “At the time, the road was very bad. It was almost impossible to reach the health center," she continues.  When the rainy season comes in April, most of the roads in Cecilia's area become impassable and cut off many communities from health care.  Prevention—with insecticide-treated bed nets—is their only defense against deadly malaria.

Cecilia received her first bed net when her youngest, Paylicee, was just three weeks old.  Her baby hasn't yet been infected with malaria.  Cecilia has great hope that her youngest child will never suffer with this terrible disease, as she will put her to sleep each night under a life-saving bed net.

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