Madame Ngono now Sleeps Soundly with Nets

In August 2011, Mandy Moore traveled with Nothing But Nets to visit a small rural village of 500 people in the Okola district of Cameroon.  In the village, Mandy had the chance to talk to Madame Ngono, who is raising 10 children.

"On the wooden bench in her mud home, she spoke with me while her grandson patiently sat on her lap. I could tell by his squirming and the squeals of other children outside that he would have much preferred to be running around with his friends. But, she is a strong woman and dedicated caretaker - he waited for her instruction to join his friends.

She told me how nearly every child in her family suffered from malaria, how many children in the community died as a result. How she suffered with malaria many times and how it affected her ability to farm and parent and take care of her extended family.

She knew of the upcoming net distribution (thanks Nothing But Nets supporters!) and her face changed when we began to talk about having mosquito nets for her children to sleep under. She relaxed, and even smiled. She is a strong and stoic woman, out of necessity. But for just a few moments, she expressed joy.

As she was talking, I realized that she is not unlike any other mother or grandmother. What gave her joy, and peace, was knowing that she would soon be better able to care for her family."

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Send Nets. Save Lives. Help Cover Africa and stop malaria.
Nothing But Nets in Cameroon

In 2009, Nothing But Nets worked with the UN’s Refugee Agency to send 50,000 bed nets to protect refugee families.

In August 2011, Nothing But Nets teamed up with longtime campaign partners UNICEF and Population Services International (PSI) to help the West African country of Cameroon with its first-ever countrywide net distribution. To help raise awareness about the fight against malaria in Cameroon, Champion Mandy Moore and several bipartisan congressional staff delegates travelled to the country with the UN Foundation's Nothing But Nets campaign.  With the help of partners and supporters, Nothing But Nets was able to send 225,000 life-saving nets to Cameroon.

All together, Nothing But Nets supporters have helped provide 275,000 bed nets to Cameroon.

Send Nets. Save Lives. Help Cover Africa and stop malaria.
Life-Saving Nets in Cameroon

Population at risk for malaria:  21,690,000

Malaria cases:  313,315*

Malaria deaths:  3,209*



Send Nets. Save Lives. Help Cover Africa and stop malaria.
Let's Cover Cameroon together and stop deadly malaria.